Homeopathy has Worldwide popularity

Homeopathy is known for its safe and gentle ways of treatment. People across the world prefer homeopathy over conventional medicine, as it has no side-effects, and is non-toxic and non-addictive.

In the last five years, homeopathy has grown three times faster than allopathy [25-30% annually]. It is presently the 2nd largest system of medicine in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

France is the largest contributor to homeopathy in the world followed by Germany. In England, 42% British physicians refer patients to homeopaths. The Royal family has used homeopathy for three generations. The Queen has carried her 'black box' of ‘white pills’ on her travels. It has been estimated that over 6 million people in the US use homeopathy.

Other services:

  • Govt registered Scan, Colour Doppler and Echo centre with qualified radiologist.
  • LAB collection and house visit.
  • Effective Awareness class for patients and public with PPT on all ailments

Homoeopathy is an Individualistic Medicine

The research done on the basis of molecular research done in her laboratory. by Dr. Candace Pert concludes that there is a communication between human mind and cells. The emotions experienced by human beings can directly impact the cells of human body either causing disease or keeping the human cells in the state of health.

We as a homeopathic physician capture the patient’s minutest Mental / Emotional / Spiritual details we cover the disordered cell / organ / part of the body automatically as the human cells / organs / parts in general the physique is in sync with the mental / emotional / spiritual state of the individual as elaborated by Dr. Pert in her research.

We consider the patient as an individual right since the childhood and in pediatric cases right since the mother’s history during pregnancy, the kind of stress she experienced during pregnancy.

We study deeply the impact of the mother’s stress on the foetus and assess the immune status of the infant as per the emotional turmoil experienced by the mother during pregnancy. All these aspects of case taking help us identifying the individuality of the patients.

Once we arrive at the key details from the patient we select a homeopathic remedy that is indicated for the same behavioral pattern as well as the same pathology of the patient.

A remedy selected on the patient’s individuality cures the patient completely and the cure lasts longer even though the patient is exposed to the same trigger factor or allergen3.